275 years ago in Goettingen

Royal Mail stamp of George II August275 years ago, on September 17th 1737, the University of Goettingen celebrated its inauguration. The university had been founded in 1737 by order of George II August, King of Great Britain (and the last British monarch who led his troops into battle), and was named after him. Soon the new university grew in size and attracted many famous personalities, both teachers and students. Until today the ‚Georgia Augusta‘ is one of the highest-ranked universities in Germany and it is also associated with 45 Nobel laureates. Remembering the inauguration, we try an experiment and publish our first post in English. To learn more about the history of the university and to see some of its famous professors and students depicted on stamps, follow this link (There you find also a google translator available on the right-hand side).

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Authored by: Udo Angerstein

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